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Spaulding Roundup - Nebraska Notes and the Nick Pasquale Foundation

News and notes on the Bruins' upcoming game against the Nebraska Cornhuskers, and on the formation of the Nick Pasquale foundation.

Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

There does not seem to be a whole lot to say about Bruin football today - the continuing news and remembrances of Nick Pasquale rightly is taking precedence. The video of Coach Mora's second attempt at a media conversation that uclaluv posted earlier this evening really is a must watch.

During those few minutes with the media, Coach Mora talked about the class that Nebraska has acted with toward UCLA and toward Nick's family. Bo Pelini demonstrated that class at the start of his press conference this morning, opening with condolences on behalf of the University of Nebraska to Nick Pasquale's family, and to the UCLA program and community. For folks interested in hearing his take on the Huskers' performance last Saturday, a recording of Coach Pelini's Monday press conference is embedded below (via the Omaha World Herald)

As A G Bruin shared last night, the Nebraska team will wear #36 stickers on their helmets on Saturday to honor Nick, to match the jersey patches that the Bruins will wear.

While the Huskers are truly sympathetic of what the Bruins are facing this week, they are not going to let that get in the way of what happens inside Nebraska Memorial Stadium on Saturday morning. Nebraska players and coaches point to having better overall team speed this fall, as well as a deeper, more technically sound squad as factors supporting their attempt to flip last year's result.

Eric Kendricks changed his #6 to #36 for today's practice. Cori Close was there and shared a picture of Eric via her instagram account.

Jack Wang wrote an article on how the team is coping, based largely upon Coach Mora's talk this afternoon, but also from some observations this morning from outside of Spaulding.

Carl Hulick nearly wept as he walked out of the UCLA locker room Monday morning. His eyes still red, he hugged one teammate for comfort. Several more patted him on the shoulder.

Physical comforts only helped so much. A few seconds later, Hulick gritted his teeth and slammed his own helmet. Death still haunted him.

Jack has also shared the details of Nick's memorial service - Sunday afternoon in San Clemente - and the creation of the Nick Pasquale Foundation.

The foundation website went live last night. It gives a brief bio of Nick's life; a place for family, friends, as well as people who might never have met Nick to share their experiences and feelings of the young man lost too soon. The foundation's aim is to create a scholarship fund for athletes who live their lives with Nick's spirit.

In lieu of meals, flowers, and gifts, we invite you to donate to the Nick Pasquale Foundation. Created in loving memory of Nick, this charitable cause will use its monetary donations for the financial support of athletes who (a) demonstrate extreme effort and leadership on their sport’s team and/or (b) charitable groups influencing sports and athletes (c) athletes who are in need of grants or scholarships to pursue their dreams.

Nick ultimately wanted to be a firefighter, or a career that helps others. It is our desire to carry on Nick’s legacy by helping similar athletes who have demonstrated great leadership.