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Bruin Bites: Remembering 9/11, Great UCLA Offenses, Black Shirts, Weather & Other Game Notes

News and notes around UCLA football program as game day approaches for Bruins and Huskers.


It's still strange to think that it has been 12 years since 9/11.  As someone who was living in DC at the time and lived through those horrific and somber days, I try my best to make this day as normal as possible - because imho ultimately that's the best way to honor the memories of our lost ones.

Anyway - let's get to some quick notes as we rapidly approach GameDay:

  • Chris Foster from the LA Times has a piece that compares the numbers of great UCLA offenses from previous years including the ones led by ____ Aikman (still hating writing out his first name), Cade McNown and Gary Beban with our current one led by number 17. Brett has already received a letter of congratulations from Beban and he told Foster that he and his team-mates are trying to put together the best offense the Bruins have ever had. Taking care of business this weekend will certainly help. BTW quotes from Terry Donahue in that article was amusing given how his conservative approach shackled the Aikman offense of late 80s.

  • Foster also had a report on Nebraska's Southern California chapters doing fundraising around this weekend's game-watching parties for the Nick Pasquale foundation. Go Huskers (just don't beat UCLA on the field).

  • Nebraska's vaunted "black shirts" - will come out in special Adidas black-shirts for this game (h/t Corn Nation):

    It's pretty much the same concept unis UCLA is going to be rolling out for Washington at the Rose Bowl. Let's hope they don't work out as well for Martinez and co, like we expect it for our game against the Huskies.

  • For those who are heading out to Lincoln this weekend, make sure to pack in a rain-jacket (h/t Corn Nation):

    That actually sounds pretty pleasant for football.

  • Lastly, our old friend Jon Johnston from Corn Nation has compiled some numbers for this weekend's game. I thought this nugget was interesting
    73 - The total number of starts on UCLA's offensive line. Offensive guard Xavier Su'a-Filo has 28, the most on the Bruin team. An offensive line that's played that much together presents a formidable challenge for our defensive line which, by going off our depth chart, has 31 with Jason Ankrah the high at 20.
    Here is to XSF and his crew controlling the LOS and coming through on Saturday.