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UCLA 41 - Nebraska 21: Rapid Fire Images, Video from Bruins Amazing Win in Lincoln

Some rapid fire images images and video (via the Twitterverse) from UCLA's amazing emotional 41-21 win over Nebraska Cornhuskers in Lincoln.

Eric Francis

Well -- I don't really have any words to put in the emotion we are all feeling right now. We all got a sense of that from Coach Mora and Brett Hundley's choked up emotions after the games. That's pretty much as raw and genuine as it can.

There is so much to unpack from what could be a momentous and historic win for this program. But I use the word "could" because we have experienced this kind of huge road wins before (during the previous coaching regime). This was different because we have never had a prolonged game week like this and we have never gone through collectively as a community what we have gone through last few days. Will this mean a different kind of UCLA season? Well, we will know in next few weeks.

But for now -- we need to savor it and here are some images that are coming out of Lincoln to celebrate. From UCLA football:

From assistant coach Angus McClure:

And quick video highlight of those Bruin TDs:

Plus we want to make sure everyone saw this tweet from our account @BruinNation:

Yeah, those Nebraska fans and their program are something special and our hats off to them.

Oh and I have no problem admitting I teared up after AJ recovered that fumbled and rushed straight to Coach Mora with the rock.