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UCLA 41 Nebraska 21: Official Video Highlights - Bruins "Pick Apart" Cornhuskers in Lincoln

Official video highlights and player interviews after UCLA's big win Nebraska with comments from Brett Hundley, Jordon James, Alex Redmond, Anthony Barr and Kennan Graham.

Ralph made the trip to Lincoln along few thousand lucky Bruins and he got this video up after the game with comments from bunch of our guys.

From the offensive side of the ball Brett Hundley talked about Paul Perkin's TD run that shifted the momentum towards the end of the first half. Hunley said it "relaxed" the team a bit. Ralph also got comments from Jordon James and OL Alex Redmond. Alex suggested that the Bruins "picked apart" Nebraska due to Cornhuskers "lack of conditioning." Alex's comments are interesting given how famous the Huskers are for their legendary conditioning programs established under HOF coach Tom Osborne.

On the defensive side of the ball Ralph talked to Anthony Barr, who had some interesting comments saying that the Bruins didn't really make any adjustments and "built a fence" around Martinez. Ralph also got comments from Keenan Graham who also had a great game. Graham, who had a great game against Nevada had a big TFL in second half on Saturday which was one of the key plays that allowed the Bruins to keep a strangle hold on the momentum in our glorious (28-0) third quarter.