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Spaulding Notes: UCLA Coaches on Recruiting Trail, Fast Practices, Comeback Kids & Mora Throws Bone to Chianti

Coach Mora had a short presser after UCLA's practice today at Spaulding. Here is the video:

There is not a lot from it. Basically Mora is giving the players 3 days off (Friday through Sunday) before they get into their game-week prep for the Huskers on Monday. Mora appeared pretty happy with what the Bruins accomplished this week.

In terms of the coaches, they are going to be hitting the recruiting trail this weekend as Mora said that they will make their "presence felt" in the high school scene. Hopefully whoever is going to be checking out Brad Kaya (Mazzone?) will be making a good impression because we need a QB in this class.

Mora talked about how there was work being done on Spaulding because apparently it was infected by fungus this past summer. He thanked Chianti for taking care of the issue by bringing in sod from Texas to take care of the practice field over the weekend. We are guessing Mora was feeling sorry for his incompetent boss, so he had to throw him a bone for doing something that is his job. Whatever.

Three quick reads to check out:

Let's hope Goodman and co. are just as prepared for the Huskers.