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[UPDATED] Idiots in the Media: Reporter Interrupts Coach Mora's Thoughts on Nick Pasquale

One classless member of the media interrupted Coach Mora's discussion of the death of Bruin WR Nick Pasquale

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

In the wake of the tragic death of Nick Pasquale, Coach Mora and the athletic department made the reasonable decision to limit the football team's media availability. The players are off-limits as they work through the loss of their friend and teammate, while Coach Mora is holding one press conference, which was scheduled for earlier this afternoon.

Coach Mora showed up on time, and began by talking about his experience meeting with Nick's family and how the team is dealing with their loss. This clearly emotional sharing wasn't quite interesting enough for one of the reporters who showed up - within 30 seconds, this as yet unnamed member of the media interrupted the event by picking up their cell phone and having his/her own conversation. The media member paused the phone call long enough to tell Coach Mora that he could feel free to go on talking, at which point Mora got up and left.

Here is the video (via Jack Wang/InsideUCLA)

Nobody has publicly identified the classless moron in question, though Jack Wang noted in his writeup on the incident that it was a TV reporter, and not one of the main UCLA beat reporters. BRO's twitter feed more specifically refers to a TV crew technician. After clearing the TV crew and other random reporters out, Mora did return to complete the presser with the regular group covering the Bruin beat, and we will have a writeup later this afternoon.

The idiot and Coach Mora's justified reaction is spreading pretty quickly - Deadspin already has a post on it. The players have started to pick up on this, and very much approve.

UPDATE - As noted in our subsequent story update, NBC4 has taken responsibility for a member of its crew causing the disruption, and have issued an apology to the Pasquale family, Coach Mora and UCLA.