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NBC-LA Apologizes for Interrupting Coach Mora's Remembrance of Nick Pasquale

As we - along with numerous other media outletsnoted this afternoon, Coach Mora's first attempt at holding his sole press conference of this week was interrupted just seconds into his opening remarks on the team's and his own response to the passing of Nick Pasquale.

Earlier this evening, NBC4 (KNBC - NBC's Los Angeles affiliate) took responsibility, issuing an apology for causing the disruption. The full text of the apology is below:

NBC4 wants to apologize for an incident that we caused Monday afternoon at the news conference with UCLA head coach Jim Mora.

As Mora was talking about the tragic passing of Nick Pasquale, one of our technicians was in the back of the press on the phone with our station.

It disrupted the coach. Understandably, Mora abruptly ended the news conference saying our technician was being disrespectful.

There is no excuse for this incident. We deeply regret it and want to apologize to the Pasquale family, Mora and all of UCLA.

We are sorry.

NBCLA's prompt response and sincere apology for today's incident is greatly appreciated.