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Jim Mora Calls Out Brett Hundley After another Frustrating UCLA Loss

Well this is interesting:

Mora apparently was hot during his post game:


Talk is cheap at this point especially after all the hype about "#BruinRevolution." Despite all the hype Bruin offense looked just as pathetic as any other Bruin offense that went up to Eugene in previous years under failed coaching regimes.

No, we are not counting out Mora after last two games. But we are watching. When Mora was hired at Westwood (a job he campaigned for) the talking point was all about how he was the next Pete Carroll. Well folks should look up the kind of jump Pete Carroll made in his second season at Southern Cal. It didn't entail having an offense look so impotent in marquee games on national TV. And, it also didn't include playing in ho-hum bowl games before January 1st.