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UCLA's Embattled Offensive Coordinator: "I got to go back and look at the film"

Here are Noel Mazzone's comments after the game (courtesy of Jack Wang at Inside UCLA):

He generally appears clueless in the video. Apparently he was still trying to figure out WTF happened to the offense in the second half during which the Bruins got blitzed 0-28 with numerous pathetic 3 and outs by O.

At this point what Mazzone does against a Colorado team in what should be a blowout Bruin loss doesn't matter all that much. Even if the Bruins roll up 500+ yards at the Rose Bowl next weekend, it won't matter all that much if the offense continues to look out of sync, unbalanced and off rhythm.

Blaming the running game or young OL are not valid excuses at this point given both those units performed admirably yesterday. Mazzone also admitted that Bruins have enough "talented receivers" and have to get those guys the ball, but he apparently has no idea what plays to call to get them the ball.

Mazzone offered up the usual BS coach speak about needing to "get back to work" and how he also needs "look at the film." Yeah, none of us really holding our collective breath. We will see how the Bruins respond not just against Colorado but during rest of this regular season, which should be an undefeated run to the Pac-12 championship game.