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UCLA Coach Mora Refuses To Discuss False Start Penalties After Big Bruins Win

Overall, UCLA Coach Jim Mora was pleased with the performance of the Bruins this afternoon against Oregon State. But, he was definitely upset about what caused UCLA to be flagged seven times for false starts.

Jim Mora has to like the fact that UCLA played a complete football game this afternoon.
Jim Mora has to like the fact that UCLA played a complete football game this afternoon.
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UPDATE: This article has been updated to include postgame interviews with some of the Bruin players which were not available at the time it was originally published. - BN Eds.

Overall, UCLA Coach Jim Mora sounded pleased with his team's performance on Saturday afternoon against the Oregon State Beavers. He praised the improvement of Josh Rosen as well as the performance of the defense.

But, there was one seemingly sore spot for Mora.

In response to a question from Chris Foster of the LA Times, Mora refused to discuss what was happening on the field which caused seven false start penalties. Mora replied:

There was stuff going up front. I'm not going to talk about it because it doesn't matter what I say.

Other than that all Mora would really say was that "it wasn't on UCLA." But, he definitely seemed irritated by what occurred.

All of today's postgame videos come courtesy of Jack Wang of Inside Socal and the LA Daily News. Thanks to Jack for sharing them.

UCLA Offensive Coordinator Noel Mazzone didn't seem to want to talk about it either. Mazzone said, "Yeah, there was [something going on with all the false start penalties], but it was no big deal."

Josh Rosen was willing to discuss what went on after the game. When this article was originally posted, there were no available postgame video of Rosen, but Matt Joye of the Daily Bruin tweeted Rosen's initial comments.

Now, that Jack Wang has posted a video of Josh Rosen's postgame interview, here is the full interview.

Meanwhile, Defensive Coordinator Tom Bradley praised the performance of the defense. He talked about how there seemed to be a sense of urgency that started with practice on Monday. He spoke about how Kenny Young played a good game after getting dinged up last week. He also spoke about the development of John Johnson.

When asked about how satisfying it was to post a shutout, Bradley said:

I've told you guys before I'm not a 'stat guy'. What's in the left-hand column? Did you win? We won the game. The kids played well. I'm happy for them. I guess it's the first shutout away since 87 or something like that....We can build on it. I'm sure they're happy they got a shutout. But the bottom line to me is just "Did you win the game?" I always say "stats are for losers" because just get the win. That's all that matters in the end.

There's been some concern about Bradley's comments about not being a 'stat guy'. I think this statement really does a good job explaining that his concern is about winning not about how many tackles an individual guy made. It isn't necessarily indicative of him being anti-statistical analysis, per se.

Now that player interviews have been posted by Jack Wang, let's see what each of them had to say. First up is Ka'imi Fairbairn who is one point away from tying John Lee's school and Pac-12 record of 390 points.

Next up is Takkarist McKinley. McKinley discussed his sacks, the defense's performance and how the turnovers affected the game.

Jaleel Wadood spoke about getting his first career interception against Oregon State yesterday and the hard work the defense has been putting in.

Last but not least is Jordan Payton. Payton discusses the development of Josh Rosen as well as the team's overall mindset right now.

Thanks again to Jack Wang for sharing all of these postgame videos.

Go Bruins!!!