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UCLA vs. Oregon

Coverage of UCLA Bruins' 2018 Pac-12 Conference game against the Oregon Ducks in Eugene, along with past articles on UCLA vs. Oregon.

Top 25: UCLA Drops Out of Polls

UCLA dropped out of both Top 25 polls this week due to the loss to Oregon.

UCLA-Oregon Post-Game Videos: No Mora Bull$#!+

It's time for everyone to wake up and start understanding what our coaches are shovelling each week. We take a look at what they said and what they really meant.

Mora National Embarrassment for UCLA Football

After the latest unprofessional outburst by a UCLA coordinator, it looks like Jim Mora has completely lost control of his program, both on and off the field, in a story that is making a complete mockery of the university in the national media.

The Morning After, Part 6: Oregon

For UCLA Football, the more things change, the more they stay the same, which means the Bruins are still looking up - way up - at the Oregon Ducks in the hierarchy of Pac-12 Football.

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UCLA 30 Oregon 42: News, Notes & Updates

Full coverage of UCLA's second loss of the season, eliminating all national championship talk nonsense.

Mora the Same: Bruins Humiliated by Ducks

Why we thought anything else would happen shows how crazy we are.

Oregon Ducks at UCLA: Second Half Thread

UCLA is down by 11. Can they come back and take down the Ducks?

Oregon Ducks at UCLA Bruins: First Half Thread

The #18 UCLA Bruins square off with the #12 Oregon Ducks in the Rose Bowl.

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"They have to beat Oregon.. to be an Elite Team"

The "last UCLA quarterback to win the Rose Bowl" Matt Stevens spoke with PMS on Friday. Stevens speaks openly about how the sack issues are "easy to fix", how the D the Ducks are running is easy to play, and about UCLA's play calling today.

A Must Win for Mora and Staff

After the last week's loss to Utah, Coach Mora and his coaching staff need to find a way to beat the Ducks. Anything less is unacceptable.

Pregame Guesses: Oregon Ducks Edition

The loss to Utah raised questions both large and small.

Comparing Expectations and Quarterbacks

UCLA Football Head Caoch Jim Mora spoke to reporters after practice today, and it's interesting to compare his remarks prior to this weekend's Oregon game with his remarks after last year's Oregon game.

UCLA Football Oppo Preview: A Look at the Duck Defense

Oregon's defense went through a regime change in the offseason. Is it more of the same, or have things changed in Eugene?

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UCLA Football v. Oregon Watch Parties: Rise Again!

UCLA Football vs. Oregon Watch Parties: Rise Again, Rise Again! The UCLA Bruin players have shown incredible character, talent, and resilience. We have a list of places where you can gather this Saturday to watch as the Bruins Rise Again!

Coaches Ulbrich, Klemm & Mazzone Address Issues

After practice today, Offensive Coordinator Mazzone, Offensive Line Coach Klemm, and Defensive Coordinator Ulbrich faced the media, discussing UCLA's issues against Utah and how they are preparing for Oregon. Plus a few added Bruin Bites.

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UCLA Football Opposition Preview: Oregon

With both Oregon and UCLA slipping up against last week, this week's game will put the loser in a deep hole in the conference championship hunt.

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Oregon Prep: Practice Notes & Ducks' News

News and notes as the UCLA Bruins prepare to host the Oregon Ducks on Saturday at the Rose Bowl.

UCLA Opposition Preview: Oregon's Offense

With both Oregon and UCLA slipping up against last week, this week's game will put the loser in a deep hole in the conference championship hunt. In part 2 of our Oregon Ducks preview, we take a look at the Oregon offense.

Media Pushes Mora For Answers About Utah

We hear from Coach Mora, Myles Jack, and Malcolm Bunche speak with the media after practice about UCLA's troubles agains Utah as they prepare to play the Oregon Ducks on Saturday.

Oppo Preview: Ducks' Staff and ST

With both Oregon and UCLA slipping up against last week, this week's game will put the loser in a deep hole in the conference championship hunt. In part 1 of our Oregon Ducks preview, we take a look at the Oregon coaching staff and special teams.

Recovering from Utah and Looking to Oregon

Several of the Bruins players, but none of the coaching staff, met with the media after practice today. After a disappointing weekend, it appears to be business as usual for the UCLA Football team.

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Oregon Game Kicks Off at 12:30 on Fox

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Brett Hundley's Issues Vs. Oregon

Very nice piece of work by Optimum Scouting on Hundley (where the hell are they getting this tape from). Hundley passed on his strengths multiple times and failed to attack the deep and intermediate middle of the field. Eye-opening stuff.

Roundtable: On the Outside Looking In

The Bruins lose consecutive games to an elite Pac-12 opponent, proving that there is still room for growth and improvement.

Bruin Tweets: Oregon Wrap Up

One final look back at the not so pleasant Oregon game.

The "Eye Test": UCLA's Offense Comes Up Short

Grading out the finer details of UCLA's 42-14 loss to the Oregon Ducks to see if UCLA football is meeting expectations.

Spaulding Roundup: Duck Droppings & Looking Ahead

The Bruins begin preparations for Colorado by revisiting the Oregon game and trying to learn from their experience.

The Morning After, Part 7: Oregon

Some thoughts on UCLA football and how Coach Mora's words and expectations are right on, but the realization of those words and expectations seems a long way off.

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Oregon 42 UCLA 14: #Mazzoned - Full Coverage

Full coverage of UCLA''s 14-42 loss to the Oregon Ducks in Autzen Stadium as the Bruins hapless offense fails to capitalize on a potential statement game.

Oregon 42 UCLA 14: No Chance w The N-Zone

The UCLA Bruins fail to answer the bell against the Oregon Ducks. A game that was defined by Noel Mazzone's offense failing to capitalize on the opportunities given to them by the defense.

UCLA at Oregon: Second Half Game Thread

The second half thread for UCLA's Pac-12 game against the Oregon Ducks. The Bruins are knotted with the Ducks 14-14

UCLA at Oregon: First Half Game Thread

Tracking live game action of UCLA-Oregon at Autzen Stadium, Eugene, Oregon.