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Spaulding Notes: Mora on UCLA's Penalty Issues, Understanding Marsh & Date With Wolverines

Here are Coach Mora's comments after practice on Thursday:

Among topics Mora talked about included the usual questions about UCLA's penalty issues this year. At this point Mora doesn't seem to have a good answer except for saying how the Bruins should be able to "handle" their emotions and stay "in the moment."

Speaking of controlling emotions Chris Foster has a pretty good article on defensive end Cassius Marsh with extensive backstory of Marsh's childhood and his path to UCLA (which included an intensive recruiting effort by Coach Rick Neuheisel beating out the current HC at Southern Cal). Here is what Mora had to say about Marsh:

UCLA Coach Jim Mora said, "I wish people could see him the way we see him, the really fine football player who cares about his teammates. If he could control his passion and emotion a little bit more, people will start to recognize what a really great player he is."

Mora also acknowledged, "Cassius is kind of a wild horse rider at times, and that's OK."

Well, let's hope Marsh has learned his lesson.

Elsewhere, not surprisingly UCLA-Stanford is ESPN's Pac-12 game of the week. Here is the video preview from Ted Miller.

Lastly, few of you have fanshotted this already. UCLA and Michigan has scheduled a home and home series for 2022 and 2023. Bruins will be visiting the Big House in Ann Arbor on Sept. 10, 2022, and the Wolverines will visit the Grand Daddy on Sept. 2, 2023. Let's hope these two fine schools with great alumni base don't have to wait that long to play each other. It'd be awesome to have the Bruins and Wolverines go at it at BCS Bowl game sometime very very soon. Maybe this year or next?

Well, let's take care of business first this Saturday.