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UCLA at Stanford Second Half Game Thread

Bruins have 30 minutes left to wake the hell up

Doug Pensinger

Well that was ugly. A half hour of boring, offensive offensive playcalling, terrible execution, and more drive killing (or Stanford drive extending) penalties. Seriously, did someone swap Mazzone for Dorrell and not tell us? I think I've seen this movie before. What did this team do right? Well the defense was pretty active, including a sweet pick off at the end of the half by Ishmael Adams that the Bruins desperately needed that prevented some sure Cardinal points. The SPTRs are getting called out for being "flag happy" up in the booth. But if you're a Bruin fan, there's 85 yards of offense and a goose egg on the score board, so really nothing to be happy about.

UCLA is lucky to be down by a field goal, and though this has been a second half team this season, I know I'm not the only guy who is beyond sick of having to wait for half time for this team to wake up, if it happens at all. So far the only thing this team has proven is that it doesn't deserve to be in the top ten, and the Hundley heisman campaign is some kind of sick joke. They have a half hour to reverse that sentiment.