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Mora Losing to Stanford: UCLA Chokes Against the Cardinal, 31-10

With everything to play for and a fighter's chance of playing their way into the four-team College Football Playoff, Jim Mora and the Bruins choked away a golden opportunity to get themselves into the conference title game and back in the conversation for a spot in the College Football Playoff.

Harry How/Getty Images

Let's get some basics out of the way: David Shaw is a mediocre, conservative head coach.  Stanford will slowly decline into irrelevance again because, simply, he is not Jim Harbaugh and Stanford football is, well, Stanford football.  Yet, despite the fact that David Shaw lost at home to Steve Sarkisian's Southern Cal, barely beat a mediocre Washington squad, and lost to a Notre Dame program that is literally in shambles (not to mention losses to Arizona State, Oregon, and Utah), Jim Mora remains unable to beat Shaw and his Stanford Cardinal.

You can spin this win all you want but the simple reality is Jim Mora is not an elite college football coach and if he cannot manage to beat a 6-5 Stanford team to get the Bruins into the conference title game, this guy is simply not going to get it done, not now, not ever.  The Bruins came out strong and took an early lead and then they completely forgot how to play football on either side of the ball - the offensive line couldn't protect Hundley, and for all the hype about Mora being a defensive coach and a secondary specialist, Kevin Hogan and an extremely pedestrian group of wide receivers absolutely smoked the UCLA secondary.  Stanford's receivers were able to get open time and time again - it was as if everybody playing in the defensive secondary completely forgot how to cover.

Needing only one win to get into the conference title game, once again, Jim Mora and the Bruins CHOKED.  Brace yourselves folks - the losers and sunshine pumpers will begin pimping Josh Rosen as the savior of UCLA and start calling next season the year it all comes together - until next season actually arrives and they'll start calling to wait for next season when Mora proves once again that he can't win the big game or get it done.  They'll call this a "great year" since we're bowl eligible and beat Seven Win Sark and a garbage Southern Cal program.

So folks, the bottom line is you get to enjoy another worthless season with a fourth-tier bowl game that no one gives a shit about.  Big fucking deal.  It's another year with a lot of talk and hype about a #BruinRevolution but all we see is the same old UCLA bullshit - mediocre results by an also-ran program that can only make it to worthless bowl games in shit locations that no one cares to tune into.

Oh, and in case you missed it, the ABC/ESPN crew broadcasting the game put out this interesting fact - only Arizona (seriously, only Arizona) has gone longer since winning the conference title than UCLA.  That's how absolutely pathetic this program has become under Chianti Dan's spineless soul-sucking ass-clown "leadership" - and here we are with another underachieving football season for UCLA under Dan Guerrero.

Pathetic choke job by Jim Mora and the Bruins today.