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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - Calling Out the UCLA Football "Haters"

UCLA lost to Stanford in spectacular fashion. No one was happy with that performance, and no one should be happy with meeting the minimum expectations.

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Typically after a win or a loss (more after a win) the football players will show their glee on twitter. After a loss, a couple of players will tweet their disappointment or that they did their best but with an undesired outcome.

After Friday's loss? Silence.

However, the affiliated UCLA Twitterverse didn't hold back, and the objective of today's twitter post is to explain, quite plainly, to those who consider our criticism and critiques of the team as "not being a fan" or "being a true Bruin" or "not supporting the team."  You accuse these former Bruins of not supporting our team for tweeting out the same points we've made time and time again.

Someone want to tell Adam Plutko, 2013 NCAA Baseball Champion, he's not a true Bruin?

Or Brendon?

Or to anyone else who questioned some of our play calling?

Even TV Commentators saw noticed how disappointing this game was... and he wasn't even working our game!

I was kicking myself after seeing how the Saturday games transpired and the massive opportunity UCLA lost by losing. (or lost by losing to Utah in the first place.)

Finally, I want to end this with tweets from Miguel Melendez. You may remember Melendez when he covered the UCLA beat before Jack Wang at the Daily News.  He's a huge UCLA fan, and was definitely angry tweeting the thoughts many of us had, and wish more of our fanbase would understand - you can be disappointed and upset with this performance, and still be a UCLA fan.


That's anger.

And when he saw a tweet from a generic UCLA fan twitter account that said "live and die by the Bruins" that could imply "support blindly!!!"

Are you happy with this 9 win season?

Think about that statement. We didn't even meet the minimum expectations - we're not in the Pac-12 title game, we're no longer in the conversation for the playoffs. These were all plausible before Friday's game, and, poof, it's gone. We haven't even improved if you look at our win/loss record over the past three years. We're headed to another non-top tier bowl.

Is this what you expected for UCLA Football? What's keeping the team from reaching the lofty goals they had at the beginning of the season?

Think about it.

Go Bruins.