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WATCH: Mora Speaks After UCLA Fails Against Stanford

Three years, and Coach Mora and his staff have not beaten Oregon or Stanford. And from the looks of things today and this season, we are no closer now than we were three years ago.

Coach Mora had few answers for Stanford or for the media.
Coach Mora had few answers for Stanford or for the media.
Harry How/Getty Images

On the heels of one of the most disappointing losses anyone can remember, Coach Mora met with the media. Briefly.

Cue the cliches:

We gotta figure a way to close the gap...

We're an extremely young football team...

We're still developing...

We are not there yet physically...

We're making headway...

We're on the right path...

Thank you to Edward Lewis and Bruin Sports Report for the video.

Mora finished the short interview by saying Brett Hundley was fighting a finger injury and he couldn't throw at the end. There was no word when or how Hundley was injured or the extent of the injury.

The presser ended abruptly after that comment. It's not clear if there were any more questions coming from the reporters. If there were, then that's pretty disappointing by the coach. If there weren't, then that's pretty disappointing by the press. Either way, there are about a thousand questions that remain from today's game for which we won't have answers, but will only have doubt.

I understand that coaches aren't terribly open at times like this, but it's also important for a coach who wants to retain and grow support for his program to be honest with the fan base. Throwing out meaningless phrases doesn't inspire anything for the future.

We want to believe that things are going the right way. We want to believe we are still developing. We want to believe we are on the right path.

In the absence of some reasonable explanation, we are left to rely on what we see. And when games like this happen, and all the good will and hope from last week is gone, and we look to be just as far away from the top as we have ever been.