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UCLA Fans Need to Show Up For Stanford Game

UCLA fans in Southern California need to get to the Rose Bowl this weekend for a primetime game against the Stanford Cardinal.

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Stanford v UCLA
Mossi Johnson and the rest of the Bruins need you at the Rose Bowl this Saturday.
Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Yesterday, I received an email from the Conejo Valley Bruins inviting me to a UCLA vs. Stanford Watch Party at Cronies in Agoura Hills. On one hand, I thought to myself, "Gee, I’m glad they’re getting together to support the team."

But, then, the season ticketholder in me decided to check to see how many tickets were available for this weekend’s game.

So, I surfed over to Ticketmaster’s event page for the Stanford game and, when I got there, I decided that the email from the Conejo Valley Bruins had actually pissed me off.


Maybe this image will explain.

The quick glance of all sections indicates that there are plenty of tickets available for this Saturday’s game.

Now, I can understand that not everyone can afford season tickets, especially with the WAF donation requirement that is now fully in place for seats with seat backs.

But, this week, the team is playing Stanford. It’s the most important conference game of the season (besides Southern Cal), partly because it’s the current conference game and partly because it’s the number seven team in the country.

It’s a team we haven’t beaten in 8 years and it’s a team Coach Mora and staff need to find a way to beat if there is ever a hope of winning a conference title in any of our lifetimes.

I opened a new tab, went to Google Maps and determined that Cronies in Agoura Hills is only 38.2 miles from the Rose Bowl and it upset me even more.

Here is a local Alumni Network which is trying to support our team, but it’s an absolute #EpicFail. The team cannot hear you cheering from Cronies in Agoura Hills. Making lots of noise inside that establishment isn’t going to cause the Stanford offense linemen to jump offsides.

Only doing that at the Rose Bowl will work.

To be fair, I’m not just picking on the Conejo Valley Bruins. This same thing happens week after week all across Southern California and I find it beyond irratating.

The Alumni Networks, and all Bruin fans, need to make a better effort to get out to the Rose Bowl and actually support the team, rather than relying on watch parties to cheer on the football team.

If you live in Southern California and call yourself a Bruin fan, go get yourself some tickets to Saturday’s game. Join me and your closest 70,000 Bruin friends as we cheer the team to victory.

Ok, so you don’t think we’ll win because we’ve lost 8 in a row?

If that’s your excuse for not going to the game this week, then you’re helping to make it a self-fulfilling prophecy.

And, while I’m ranting, there’s one more thing.

If you were on the shady side at the UNLV game, you fans were pathetic. You need to stand up on third down and make as much noise as possible. Did you not watch the A&M fans during the Texas A&M game a few weeks ago?

Well, stand up then, damnit!

Rant over. Now, go buy some tickets. Your team needs you there on Saturday.

Go Bruins!!!