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UCLA Football Returns to “The Drive”

In 2014, “The Drive” chronicled the entire season for UCLA. Tonight, the Bruins return to the program.

Bruin linebacker Jayon Brown will be featured when UCLA returns to “The Drive”, airing tonight on Pac-12 Networks.
Joe Piechowski

In 2014, "The Drive" chronicled the entire season for UCLA. This year, the program is looking at different schools in each episode and one of tonight’s episodes focuses on the Bruins.

In tonight’s episode, Bruin linebacker Jayon Brown is profiled.

The fact is that Jayon is a contagious individual. He’s always got a smile on his face. But, at the same time, he’s all about business. He has not missed a tackle in 207 snaps.

More importantly, the other preview of tonight’s episode says that UCLA football is ready to "take the next step." How appropriate as the team heads into tomorrow’s Stanford game.

The fact is that without a victory against Stanford, no amount of talk about taking the next step is valid.

Jim Mora, the coaching staff and the players need to win tomorrow’s game for the program to take the next step.

A win validates that assertion and only a win matters tomorrow. There are no moral victories.

Be sure to check out tonight’s episode of "The Drive" featuring UCLA at 10pm tonight on Pac-12 Network. If you miss it, an encore will air tomorrow morning.

Go Bruins!!!