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UCLA Bruins at Utah Utes 2nd half Gamethread

An open thread tracking the 2nd half of tonight's UCLA Football game at Utah.

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

We have made it to the halfway point in Salt Lake City. Bruins have not fallen into the trap that has caught them in earlier trips to Utah. It has not been a perfect 30 minutes, but UCLA got into the locker room with a 21-17 lead over the Utes.

Brett Hundley has done a little bit of everything so far tonight - going 12/15 through the air for 175 yards and a TD, ran for 39 more yards, caught a TD pass from Devin Fuller and even punted early in the game for good measure. As good as Brett has been, it is Jordan Payton who really has shifted into beast mode for the Bruins tonight - his stats of 69 yards and a TD really don't tell the whole story.

The defense started off slowly and a bit sloppy. A few missed tackles, blown assignments and a possible Pick-6 by Randall Goforth-turned Utah TD gave the Utes an early 14-7 lead. Goforth came back to pick one off later in the second quarter, converted by the Bruin offense for the go-ahead score. Steven Manfro has looked good returning kicks, but committed a unneeded personal foul on punt duties near the end of the quarter. Speaking of fouls, penalties - legitimate and the SPTR variety - have been an all too familiar part of this game for UCLA.

This is your open thread for the second half.