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#15 UCLA Women’s Basketball Loses to Oregon, 84-75

The Bruins were no match for the Oregon Ducks.


UCLA couldn’t capitalize on the momentum from a big win over Stanford on Monday as the Bruins were defeated by the Oregon Ducks, 84-75.

Losing to an unranked team twice can be waived off, but losing three times in the season shouldn’t be happening. Actually, it’s a little embarrassing. Maybe that’s a bit harsh, but a team with as much talent as UCLA should be playing a whole lot better than they played tonight. Oregon did their homework and had a very easy win over the Bruins.

When the two teams met last month, UCLA won convincingly. The Bruins’ offense ran by the Oregon defense while the defense shut down the Ducks. Tonight was a completely different story. Not once throughout the game did the Bruins lead. Early in the first quarter, they tied the score 4-4, but that was the best they would be able to do all night. At one point, the lead was as big as 15 points.

When it looked as if things were finally going to turn around for UCLA, it went south fast. Multiple times in the game, the Bruins got within six points. All they had to do next was make a stop, make a basket, make a stop, then make another basket. But they could not stop Oregon to save their lives.

They were plagued by a lot of foul calls against them. In the opening minutes, Jordin Canada picked up two quick fouls that sent her to the bench for some time. It looked like Canada was going to foul out, but the referees reviewed the play and reversed the foul on her. Instead, it was called on teammate Nicole Kornet who picked up several late fouls.

Oregon had the reigns on this game all night. The Ducks are such a young team that when the third and fourth quarter come around, they tend to fall apart, but not tonight. Credit goes where credit is due. Tonight, they came to play and their battle for a post-season appearance continues. UCLA now has to hope for another miraculous win at Oregon State. It can be done just like against Stanford, but they will need to play better than they did tonight.

Go Bruins.