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NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament 2017: UCLA Gets the 4 Seed in the Bridgeport Region

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The Bruins will host the first two rounds at Pauley and face Boise State on Saturday.


The NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament Selection Committee has seeded the UCLA Women’s Basketball team 4th in the Bridgeport, CT Region. As a result, UCLA will get to host the first two rounds at Pauley Pavilion. They will play Boise State on Saturday.

If they are able to advance to the Round of 32, they will play either 5th seed Texas A&M or 12th seed Penn on next Monday.

Looming on the horizon is a possible game against UConn. The Huskies are riding a 107-game winning streak, which would be 109 in a row if UCLA meets them in the Sweet 16.

Ouch! Talk about a tough bracket.

Here’s the entire Bridgeport Bracket that UCLA is in:


Of course, UCLA won’t have to worry about the bottom half of the bracket if they don’t get past UConn.

Go Bruins!