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Two UCLA Bruins Head To China for a Women’s Basketball Tournament

Kari Korver and Nicole Kornet participated in a Four Nations Tournament in China.

Kari Korver and Nicole Kornet got to play together one last time as part of the Four Nations Tournament in China.
Joe Piechowski

In mid-April, NetScouts announced their roster for a Four Nations International Basketball Tournament that was held in multiple cities throughout China. Among the list of the 10 players selected were fellow UCLA teammates Kari Korver and Nicole Kornet. The two Bruins were chosen to be part of Team USA who faced Canada, Lithuania, and China.

This international tournament was held in three cities for a total of nine games over a span of 12 days between April 28 – May 9, 2017. The three host cities included Weng’an, Tongren, and Jiahe. Each team would face each other three times for a total of nine games. Their eight other teammates included college players Leslie Lopez-Wood (Loyola Marymount), Simone DeCoud (UC Riverside), Brittany Crain (UC Riverside/Luxembourg), Ashley Clark (Tulsa/Finland), Kiara Kudron (Gonzaga), Alisia Jenkins (South Florida/Spain), Shereen Sutherland (UC Irvine), and Rachel Mitchell (Texas A&M/Romania).

Both Korver and Kornet had solid performances. Korver scored 35 points in all three games against Canada, 3 points against China, and 14 points against Lithuania for a total of 52 points throughout the tournament. She also tallied a total of 37 rebounds, 18 assists, and 12 steals. Kornet scored a total of 23 points against Canada, 49 against China, and 23 against Lithuania for a total of 95 points. In addition, she scored 43 rebounds, 15 assists, and 12 steals.

With those contributions. Kornet and Korver helped Team USA clinch a share of the Four Nations Tournament title with China. This tournament was a chance for the two Bruins to play basketball together one last time before they go their separate ways. Nicole Kornet stated on her personal blog that she has decided to not pursue basketball professionally and, instead, will try to pursue a gig in front of the camera. As for Korver, she did not enter the 2017 WNBA draft, but has stated in the past she would love to play overseas. Hopefully, if that’s still her plan, she has a successful career.

When the new season comes along later in this year, it is going to take some adjusting to not seeing either of these two on the court with their impressive three-pointers as both of them will be missed.

Go Bruins!