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UCLA Women’s Basketball Player Kari Korver Goes Pro

Kari Korver signs a contract to play professionally in Germany.

Joe Piechowski

After graduation, student-athletes take separate paths. Either they go on the path to start a professional career in their sport or they hang up their boots. Even if they decide they want a professional career, few find a new team to call home. For UCLA Women’s Basketball player Kari Korver, it looks like she found her new home. Korver has signed a contract to play professionally in Germany.

Korver signed with the TH Wohnbau Angels, also known as Donau-Ries Angels. The Angels play in the Division I league, Basketball Bundesliga League, where the guard will be an asset for their attacking game. Her three-pointers can be a huge advantage for the Angels. When Korver finds her rhythm, she is difficult to stop. Even Angels head coach Patrick Bär has faith in Korver stating, “She comes as a rookie, but we are convinced that she will help us from the start.” Bär knows her capabilities and so he stated he will play her as a wing so she can show just how lethal her shooting can be.

She will report to the team in August and league play starts in September.

Good luck, Kari!

Go Bruins!