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What’s Bruin: UCLA Women’s Volleyball Player Madeleine Gates Can Dunk

Also, the voice of UCLA Baseball heads north to Reno.

UCLA Women’s Volleyball player Madeleine Gates showed off her basketball skills on Wednesday.

UCLA Women’s Volleyball

Can you imagine just hanging out in the Student Activites Center (the building formerly known as the Men’s Gym)? Oh, the list of athletes you can see there during the summer is...well...enormous.

This week, James Harden was among those who were there.

You can now add UCLA Women’s Volleyball player Madeleine Gates to that list. Wait...what?

You see, Gates is 6’3” tall. Of course, that means that Gates is an ideal middle blocker for Bruin head coach Michael Seeley’s team. But, Cori Close might want to consider keeping her on the Nelle and John Wooden Court at Pauley well into the winter after seeing what Gates did the other day.

Gates dunked a volleyball.

Sure, I know that volleyballs and basketballs are different sizes which could make it easier to dunk the volleyball compared to the basketball, but you still have to give Gates credit for getting above the rim.

Here’s the video that was shot of Gates’ dunk by Cassy Athena.

6'3" UCLA volleyball player @madeleine.gates dunked the volleyball today

A post shared by Cassy Athena Photo (@cassyathenaphoto) on

It’s not like it’s unprecedented for a UCLA Women’s Volleyball player to play basketball. Natalie Williams did just that back in the 90s.

UCLA Baseball

John Ramey, the voice of UCLA Baseball, has been hired to broadcast football and basketball games for the Nevada Wolfpack. In addition to broadcasting UCLA Baseball, Ramey also had the audio calls for men’s and women’s soccer as well as select men’s and women’s basketball games. He has been the host of the Bruin Insider Show since its inception in 2013. He had been with UCLA since 2010.

And, that’s What’s Bruin this Friday morning.