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UCLA Women’s Volleyball Needs a Win Against Not-So-Mighty Ducks

On Sunday, the Bruins were swept. Again. This time, it was by Stanford.

Lexi Hadrych led UCLA in kills against Stanford on Sunday.
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Tonight’s game is pretty much a must-win for the UCLA women’s volleyball team if the Bruins hope to make the postseason. So, it’s a good thing they are hosting the not-so-mighty Oregon Ducks. The Ducks have had a terrible season. They are just 7-18 overall and 3-13 in conference. First volley tonight is at 6 pm in the John Wooden Center.

Last Time Out

On Sunday, the Bruins played the Stanford Cardinal on the road and it was a rough match as expected.

In fact, it was downright bad.

It showed just how bad the Bruin program is under head coach Michael Sealy. Sure, he won the national championship in 2011, but the team missed the NCAA Tournament last season with a losing record overall and could end do the same thing again this year. It might be time to consider a change in leadership for the program. Maybe Stein Metzger would like to coach both the women’s program and the beach program?

Just how bad was it on Sunday? UCLA never lead after 4-3 in the first and third sets and they never led after 2-1 in the second. That’s bad. That’s all I’m really going to write about it.

Oregon Ducks

The Ducks have won just three conference matches all season. Two of those wins came at home. And, it figures that one of those matches was against the Bruins. That’s another indictment of Sealy’s leadership.

Since beating UCLA at home on October 18th, the Ducks have gone 1-8. So, to say they are in a slump is putting things mildly.

If Sealy can’t find a way to beat the Ducks tonight at home, maybe Dan Guerrero should put the program out of its misery and fire Sealy tomorrow morning.

Tonight’s game should be a win for the Bruins but, under Sealy, nothing is guaranteed. That’s why the Ducks, who have won just nine sets in nine matches since they beat the Bruins, were able to beat UCLA in the first place.

Of course, I’m hoping for a Bruin win. But hope isn’t a strategy. Let’s hope Coach Sealy actually has one.

This is your UCLA women’s volleyball vs. Oregon open thread.

Go Bruins.