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UCLA's Championship Night: Quick Thoughts & Video Interviews

Quick thoughts on UCLA baseball's first championship and video interviews from Omaha.

As we are still basking in the afterglow of our first national championship in baseball here are some more videos to enjoy. HT to LA Bruin for the video up top.

Before I share the videos below though wanted to share couple of macro notes. Not surprisingly Dan Guerrero is out in front now trying to take full credit of John Savage's programs magical run to the championship. Guerrero's shameless effort to take credit glosses over the inconvenient facts that he hasn't done much to promote Savage's program last few years. While teams across the conference have taken measures to improve their facilities - as Ryan has documented over the years - Bruins haven't done much.

Moreover, Guerrero's incompetent athletic department did nothing to get the fans fired up and out to Omaha. It made no effort to sell any kind of travel packages for fans and reportedly had to return the ticket allotment for the college world series. So no Chianti gets no credit no matter how much he tries from here on out.

The person that deserves credit here besides the coaches, players and staff in Savage's program is none other than our own Ryan Rosenblatt. No one has done more to lift the profile up for this program than Ryan - when he started blogging here over 7 years ago. What he has done to get this huge community plugged in and hooked to this program is simply amazing. There is no other blog in SBN with this kind of dedicated blogging towards simply college baseball. So wherever you are if you are making a toast celebrating UCLA baseball, raise another one for Ryan.

So ICYMI here is the video of our press conference:

UCLA Press Conference after Winning College World Series (via UCLA)

And Ralph's interview with Savage:

UCLA Coach John Savage after College World Series Win (via UCLA)

Savage's opponents from CWS should play close attention to how he congratulates the other team first. They will learn something.