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Los Angeles Celebrates UCLA's Baseball Champions

If you want to celebrate some more, here are some more bites provided by the Los Angeles Dodgers, L.A. media, and the world.


Yesterday the Los Angeles Dodgers celebrated our boys in blue before playing Chase Utley's Phillies. (Warning for Giants fans, Coach Savage is rocking a Dodger's hat!)

Primetime Fox also had an extensive and celebratory interview with Coach Savage:

Primetime interview with Coach Savage

I love the bit about keeping the bus clean. Coach Savage really focuses on the kind of details that would bring a smile to Coach Wooden. Steve Hartman (UCLA alumn) shows the kind of love, joy, and pride we all felt for what this team has accomplished.

And from Petros and Money, I like this one because we get to hear the fight song:

PMS Interview with Coach Savage

There's nothing like victory the right way and John Savage has done it with his staff and team at UCLA.

Well said Petros.

So Congratulations once again Bruins. You played the right way and brought #109 to the school where champions are made. You make us all proud to be Bruins.

And the whole of Bruin Nation celebrates you:

2011 UCLA 8-Clap Heard Around the World (via alumniucla)