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UCLA Baseball Dodges the Big Bullet on Final Day of the MLB Draft Signing Period

The UCLA Bruins had three big question marks coming into the final day of the MLB draft signing period- would David Berg sign with the Rangers? would Brady Aiken sign with the Astros? would Jacob Nix sign with the Astros? All three answers came back "no". Hallelujah. But the uncertainty remains for next year.

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Welcome back to Westwood, David Berg
Welcome back to Westwood, David Berg
Stephen Dunn

Houston Astros whiff on Brady Aiken. Astros also whiff on 5th round selection, and fellow UCLA recruit, Jacob Nix.

David Berg remains a Bruin.

We will have more on these stories as they unfold, particularly what might happen on the Aiken, Nix front. But for sure, after the draft, the Bruins were looking at the sure loss of the top recruit in the 2015 class, Brady Aiken, who was drafted first overall by the Houston Astros. The Bruins were also looking at the likely loss of another top recruit, Jacob Nix, taken by the Astros in the 5th round. And the best closer in NCAA history, junior David Berg, was taken on the 3rd day by the Rangers. There was no joy in Mudville. Forget Casey. We were losing arms.

A top overall pick had not passed up the opportunity to turn pro since 1983. There was no reason to assume that Aiken would break the streak. Except- the Houston Astros.

By offering a deal to Nix, with an extra bonus based on the assumed savings from signing Aiken at a "bargain" price (hard to call $6.5 million a bargain, but this is professional sports), the Astros managed to tie the two UCLA recruits together. And when Aiken said no, the Astros had to say "just kidding" to Nix. This is going to be messy for a while.

In the meantime, turning to a development with much more certainty, David Berg turned down the Rangers, and will be back as UCLA's closer next season.

Again, more as this develops, but this was a great day for UCLA baseball.

Go Bruins !!