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Ben Howland’s “Three Captains”: Three North Carolina Transfers!

After another disgraceful loss Ben Howland met with the reporters for his weekly press conference in which he spewed his usual drivel and announced the anointment of his three transfers from North Carolina as UCLA's three captains.

Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

So Ben Howland met with the beat reporters today. Edward Lewis from BruinSportsReport (who btw has been doing a fantastic job with the site) posted the video (and not behind subscription firewall). WATCH:

The highlights if you still care:

  • Howland continued to spew the excuse of UCLA not being as athletic as other teams by talking about quickness. The fact that he is still using this as an excuse for losing to Cal Poly ... well I don't know what else to say.
  • Ben also threw in the good old "youth" excuse even though he seems dead set on destroying this season by investing major mins two third year sophomores (Wear Twins) and a senior in Larry Drew.
  • Ben is all in with Larry Drew as his starting PG and is showing no interest of having Kyle Anderson, who may have the potential to be a more dynamic playmaker on offense in leading the offense. Unbelievable, given how much hype was around Anderson. Remember by recruiting Anderson, Ben and his staff essentially lost true pg Dominic Artis to Oregon.
  • And, speaking of the North Carolina rejects, Ben has named all three of them captains.

LOLz on that last bullet. I guess Ben is just trolling the UCLA fanbase at this point. We will just let you guys take it from there.