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Ben Howland On His Way Out?

Latest from Tracy Pierson's sources at BRO

Jamie Squire

More great work from Tracy Pierson at Bruin Report Online (not behind subscription firewall as of this posting) in his latest post on the status of the basketball program which states:

UCLA is currently leaning toward replacing Ben Howland as its head basketball coach, and he could be let go before the end of the season, according to sources.

And while for a competent athletic department, such news would not register as a shock, we've seen that anything is possible in Chianti Dan's house of horrors. If the above is good news, then the ending of the post should raise all kinds of red flags here at BN:

The indication is that, if Howland is let go, Guerrero intends to aggressively pursue some of the top coaching candidates in the college basketball world.

Which sounds great, except we all saw how Chianti "aggressively pursues top coaching candidates" just last year at this time. So basically he's going to go all in after a bunch of untouchable coaches and then "reset" the search and just hire the next guy that comes into his office and wants the job.


This is why Chianti needs to go FIRST. NOT Ben.