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Bill Walton Sounds Off on Ben Howland’s Bizarre Shabazz Substitutions

Bruin legend Bill Walton tells it like it is – sounding off on Ben Howland’s bizarre in-game decisions – focusing on freshman phenom Shabazz Muhammad.

So the Bruins pulled out a pretty good win last night as the Bruins overcame Howland's bizarre coaching to beat Sean Miller's paper tiger. It was a good win b/c it came in a hostile environment - that was something new for our freshmen. It was our biggest win in 5 years which tells you how sorry UCLA basketball has become under Howland.

But it was not a surprise because Lavin's Law was in full effect. Bruins have all the talent in the world and they were going against an over-rated Arizona team which is led by one of the more over-hyped coaches in the game. Yes, ‘Zona will be looking for a new coach after the next UCLA head coach is done wiping the floor with him in next two or three years.

Anyway, one of the more interesting aspects of the game was listening to the legendary Bill Walton. Check out the video above with a sampling of Walton's comments - sounding off on Ben's management of Shabazz's minutes:

As former Daily Bruin editor Diamond Lueng tweeted:

We agree Diamond.

We'd love to have Walton do the color for all our games rest of the season.