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UCLA Beats Oakland 91-60


If balford gets too many minutes and no one's around to see it, does it still matter? It was a game full of sloppy passing, turnovers, and what everyone's favorite Morgan Center Sockpuppet Don MacLean described as a "lack of emotion". The calls to "get the crowd going" look especially ridiculous when you consider that the picture above is that "crowd" that El Sockpuppet is referencing.

At least Oakland displayed all the reasons why UNC was able to hang 58 on this same team in the first half of their game before they emptied their bench. The sad fact is it looks like none of the Oakland players looked like they could hit water if they fell out of a boat. Contested. Wide open. Doesn't matter. Never saw a shot they couldn't miss. For our part the Bruins put 44 on Oakland in the first half for a 20 point lead.

What we did have was a breakout game offensively for Tony Parker. Though I don't believe that he will be able to be as effective against bigger teams the way he played tonight, pulling down 12 rebounds against this team is better than not pulling them down. To then chip in 21 points on 10 for 12 shooting is a bonus.

Norman Powell also looked pretty good, and he ended up with 18 points on the night, and Jordan Adams sneakily ended up with 22 of his own but it seemed that everyone else was just as lethargic as the "crowd". This is a team just going through the motions. Maybe the second half was better, but I saw an early dose of balford, and switched to the Duke Jabari Parkers vs the Kansas Wigginses game.

And if I may make a personal request for a moment: If anyone is able to make an app that does some instant alerts for when balford is in and out of the game so that I know when to switch back to our games, I would be grateful for that. Thanks.