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UCLA 86 – Sacramento State 50: Bruins Win a Laugher at “Blued-Out” Pauley

Recap of UCLA’s 86 - 50 win over a cupcake (Sacramento State) at an empty, mostly bored looking crowd at Pauley Pavilion.

Another "blue out" at Chianti's Pauley
Another "blue out" at Chianti's Pauley
Ryan Rosenblatt

Well it was another "blue-out" at the Old Pauley Under Glass (OPUG) as Steve Alford's irrelevant program won a cupcake non-conference game infront of no one. Oh wait, I guess some students showed up since the mid-terms are over, but otherwise there wasn't much. Bruins beat up Sacramento State by a final score of 86-50. Here is the boxscore.

Jordan Adams led the team with 21 points (8-12 FG). Adams had 8 steals. Kyle Anderson had another typical Anderson like game, filling up his statsheet with 8 points, 8 assists,  6 rebounds, and 2 steals. Bruins. Norman Powell had some beautiful athletic moves while running down the court on fast-breaks. He finished the game with 14 points and 3 boards. David Wear also finished with a double-double (12 points and 10 boards).

Bruins were up by 13 (36-23) at the half before blowing the game open in second half with a 23-6 run that ballooned the lead to 59-29. The whole second half was basically garbage time against a hapless opponent. It was a dunk contest between Powell and Zack LaVine (who finished the night with 14 points and 5 boards).  There was actually some semblance of defense from the Bruins tonight as they held Sac. State to 33.9 % shooting and stole the ball 15 times.

In case you are wondering Balford didn't totally stink up the joint tonight. He played  24 minutes, scored 7 points with 5 assists (2 TOs). At least he was looking to pass first at times tonight (maybe because he was sick) which included a hot-dogging behind-the-move in garbage time. But he played no defense (seems incapable of playing D-1 defense). As BillytheSid commented - "meh".

Not sure why I stayed up to blog this recap (listening to Don MacLean shill hard for the Chianti and his incompetent clowns is not exactly exciting). If you want to make a big deal of this game, which means nothing, go for it. Otherwise, the takeaways is basically more "meh" as Bruins remain on course to an expected easy 7-0 start for this season filled with cupcakes.