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UCLA makes a MOCkery of the Schedule

UCLA destroyed a bad Chattanooga team

Zach LaVine had his career high tonight
Zach LaVine had his career high tonight
Jeff Gross

Well I nailed the pregame.  The Mocs were bad and we won a whopper, 106-65.  (Okay, I know they don't do that anymore.)  It was an easy game and a fun one with Norman Powell out dunking Zach Lavine.  But what can we take from it?  Before the game I asked nine questions.  Here are the answers for the post game.

1. Will UCLA need Jordan Adams to score?  Yes.  When Adams was out we had some trouble scoring in the first half.  With him in, we could not be stopped.

2. Will Kyle Anderson shot over 50% from the field?  Yes, 7-13. Although, he was ugly from the free throw  line  shooting less than 50%, 3-7.

3. Will UCLA basketball junkies finally begin to realize that Travis Wear is a very good offensive player?  Nope.  Travis had a bad game.  He needs some more time to get in basketball shape.

4. Will Zach Lavine set a new career high tonight in points or something else?   Yes.  Lavine scored every way as well finishing with 19 points going 7-9.  He is impressive on offense setting his career high.

5. Will Norman Powell focus on attacking the basket instead of chucking up threes?  The best yes of the night.  Loved Norman attacking the rim and having a number of dunks .

6. Will Tony Parker continue to dominate basketball midgets?  Statistically yes, reality no.  Tony had 14 rebounds.  But the Mocs had one starter who had a good game when it was still relevant, Z. Mason.  Mason was the Mocs only true big and he went  7-10 from 2.  It is a worry as Mason regularly beat the Wears and Parker.

7. Will Bryce Alford play smart and have more assists than turnovers or missed shots?  Play smart. Bryce had his best game as a Bruin with one miss and 5 assists.  He made a couple very nice passes and looked to pass first.  His baskets were a layup and an open three, the shots he should take.  It is hard to read too much as the Mocs were bad but I can confidently say he played smarter.

8. Will David Wear play smart or shoot too many David Wear shots just inside the 3 point line?  I guess he played smart.  This game was so ugly it was hard to tell.

So another win against another cupcake.  Next is Nevada which beat the Mocs by a buzzer beater.  So it will be a while before we know how good this team is.  But it was a fun game tonight.

Go Bruins.