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UCLA Gobbles Up Nevada on Turkey Day: 105-84

Recap of UCLA's 105-84 beatdown of Nevada Wolfpacks.

Ethan Miller

As this is rivalry week let's start this post-game talking about Just$C. Just$C's idiot basketball coach almost got into fight for allegedly tampering with Isaac Hamilton. He was so bad at tampering the player went to UCLA. He also famously said "If you want to play slow, go to UCLA." Well Just$C exceeded their season scoring average in a blowout loss with 79. UCLA had that with 12:58 left in the second half. The ESPN box score is here.

This UCLA team can play offense; four players had double figures in the first half including a spectacular show by Zach LaVine of threes and dunks who set his career high. Early in the second half Kyle took over and basically took the rest of the game off. This is a team that would be scary in AAU as it can really score.

Unfortunately Nevada is not that good so it is hard to take too much. How bad? They air-balled a free throw.

On the good side Zach LaVine is for real on offense. While it is hard to take much, Wannah Bail looked good in his minutes. A couple nice pasess and a put back.

Another fun game against another bad team. Still waiting for a real team but the Bruins earned their turkey blowing out a turkey.