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UCLA beats PVAM by playing defense for a half

And it is is enough to win 95 - 71. Duke up next

Adams on the way to another strip
Adams on the way to another strip
Harry How

This one was what we thought, cupcake city.  UCLA jumped out to 11-2 lead led by some dunks and defense by Norman Powell.  Then everyone stopped playing for a bit and Prairie View tried to slow it down.  It worked for a bit but then UCLA took over to more than double up PVAM at half 50-24.

In the first half, Powell was definite a plus and Wannah Bail showed that athletic talent we heard about with a nice alley opp out of a time out and a nice swooping layup in the second half.  The Bruins also forced a number of turnovers led by Jordan Adams 4 steals while holding PVAM to under 40%.

The second half UCLA stopped playing defense and the threes started to rain down again.  PV actually outscored the Bruins 47 to 45 in the second half.  PVAM's best player looked like a pro scoring 27 points on a number of way too easy shots.  However, UCLA could turn on its offense when it wanted and the game was never in danger.

Two items of interest: UCLA went to David Wear and Travis Wear as starters.  In the second half it looked at times as if Zach LaVine was playing point.

Hard to take much from this game.  UCLA can outscore a bad team even during finals.

Go Bruins.