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Records, Numbers, and Player Notes

UCLA's season is more than just a roller coaster, it will set a few individual records.


Quick, which UCLA player is on pace to set a single season record this year? Believe it or not it is Larry Drew II. Larry needs to only average a little over 6 assists a game (well below his season average of 7.7) for the remaining 6 guaranteed games (five plus at least one in the PAC 12 tournament) to set the single season record at UCLA for assists.

Yes, barring an injury Larry Drew II, will set the all-time UCLA record. Here is the chart below.


1. Pooh Richardson 1989 31 236

2. Darrick Martin 1991 32 217

3. Tyus Edney 1995 32 216

4. Pooh Richardson 1988 30 210

5. Pooh Richardson 1987 32 208

6. Roy Hamilton 1979 30 201

7. Darren Collison 2007 35 199

Darrick Martin 1990 33 199

Larry Drew II 2013 26 199 and counting

10. Earl Watson 2000 33 195

Kudos to Larry Drew II. Before people knock that number some of those other teams were pretty high scoring as well. Larry Drew II deserves credit.

Of course, there is another record that I thought would fall before the season. That is Don McLean's freshman scoring record. Don McLean averaged 18.6 per game for the all-time UCLA record for freshman. Shabazz currently averages 18.5. This will be very close and as an added bonus it will be mildly interesting to watch how Don deals with the possibility as he calls UCLA games.

Someone who has no shot at a record but will go down as one of the best in UCLA freshman history statistically is Kyle Anderson. Despite starting the year as a wing, being listed as a guard, and playing minutes every game as a point guard, Kyle averages 8.8 rebounds per game. This ranks him number 2 for a freshman, second only to Kevin Love (10.6) and over a half a rebound game better than Luc Richard Mbah a Moute who is third. While Kyle has no chance to catch Kevin it is a very impressive accomplishment that shows why he is the "glue guy" for this team.

Now some not so good statistics.

I personally believe Travis Wear is hurting. Since his concussion in the Arizona game he has not been the same player. In PAC 12 games prior to his concussion, Travis had not once shot below 50% in a game once. Since then he has failed to hit the 50% mark in three of his five PAC 12 games. He is shooting 15-34 since his concussion or 44%. For the rest of the season he is shooting 56%.

While Travis is hurting, David Wear is just in a slump. He is shooting a miserable 30-87 in PAC 12 play or 34% after shooting 54% in non-conference play. I really think David has confidence issues now and should get some time on the bench. I think the answer may not be just more Tony Parker but at least some Shabazz Muhammad at four and more Norman Powell, see below.

Norman Powell is shooting 45% for the season this year versus only 37% last year in a similar number of shots, 141 to 154. Norman is shooting slightly more three pointers per game but at a worse percentage 35% to 30%. What this really means is Norman has benefited a lot from the running style this year as he is shooting a spectacular 59% for regular 2 point field goals. Norman take the ball to the hole!

Jordan Adams three point slump seems to be over. Prior to the last three games in which Jordan 5-12 from three, he was 2-22 in the six previous. In our four Pac 12 losses Jordan has shot 5-25 from three. UCLA needs Jordan to shoot three pointers as a decent clip.

As far as Tony Parker, all I can say is when Tony Parker plays in the second half it is either really good (we are up big like against WSU) or really bad (like against Cal). I don't even want to look at his other stats.

So there are some numbers. Again, I must tip my hat to Larry Drew II who is doing an impressive and unexpectedly good job as point guard.

Go Bruins!