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7 Games To Go

Larry Scott's winter nightmare continues to unfold

Stephen Dunn

In case you've only been paying attention to UCLA basketball (and my condolences if you have), it's not just true Bruins like Bill Walton, or those that are supposed to be occupying the numerous empty seats in the lower bowl at Old Pauley Under Glass, that aren't having a good time watching conference action. I can guarantee that Commissioner Larry Scott gets bitter beer face when he takes a look at the conference standings. I only mention this because I was interested to see what a team that holds a 2-9 mark in the PAthetiC-12 conference looked like. I think the answer came in loud and clear - Not Good.

Washington State had a stretch of self inflicted incompetence for about 10 minutes in the second half where the only thing that made it bearable was to Youtube Yakety Sax and play that over the commentary. Not only does this introduce a proper soundtrack to the game, but it prevents us from having to listen to Don Maclean's Morgan Center Sock Puppet imitation.

In almost every way, this game was as unsurprising as it gets. Stop me if any of this sounds familiar:

Four Bruins scored in double figures and Larry Drew II wasn't one of them. Not a knock on him. That's just not his game.

Shabazz led the team in shots (14) and points (17).

UCLA got completely eaten up on the boards (27-17).

Travis Wear had no defensive rebounds for the entire game. None.

Washington State (or insert Pac-12 opponent here) suffered from an acute lack of talent.

And the Bruins once again closed the game like house cats, letting the Cougars claw back to within 10 in the final minutes.

And among some of the more amusing highlights:

It took Washington State over 16 minutes to hit a 2 point field goal. All of their makes prior to that in the first half were (wide open) 3 point shots.

David (avi) Wear looked to be adding to his street cred and perhaps shed his Charmin Soft reputation by taking an intentional foul on a WSU fast break.

Oh, and Shabazz more than doubled his typical assist total with 2.

Can you feel the excitement? Yeah, me neither. At least there's only seven regular season games left. This #FarewellTour is finally starting to come to an end.