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It’s Official: UCLA Enters the Dance as a No. 6 Seed v. No. 11 Minnesota, Florida Looms

Well here we go. It's official. It looks like we will be in South bracket taking on Tubby Smith's Minnesota program. UCLA enters the tourney as a 6 seed and is heading out to Austin, Texas. Florida is looming as the potential second round matchup in the second round as the no. 3 seed. Lot more as the picture in our bracket becomes clearer.

Other notes so far:

  • Louisville is the overall number 1 seed (in Midwest region).
  • Oregon is a 12 seed in Midwest taking on Oklahoma State in San Jose (it left blowhard Doug Gottlieb shrieking on CBS).
  • UNC is having a "down" year. They are taking on Villanova as an 8 seed and is set up for a second round game v. Kansas (no. 1 seed). Self-Williams matchup could be fun.
  • Michigan after fading down the stretch dropped to 4 seed.
  • Georgetown, Josh Smith's future team is a no. 2 seed in the South region (taking on Florida Gulf Coast) in Philly.
  • San Diego State is a no. 7 seed (who embarrassed Ben's dumpster fire in Anaheim) is taking on Oklahoma in Philadelphia (South region).
  • There are at least two teams in our bracket who we lost to during the OCC season - San Diego State and Georgetown. They may play each other in the second round.
  • Somehow Cal is getting to stay home in San Jose to take on UNLV as a 12 seed.
  • Colorado gets in as a 10 seed v. Illinois out in the East.
  • Despite getting SWEPT by UCLA during the regular season and conference tournament - Arizona gets to waltz into West. Just wow.