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The Selection Committee Shows No Respect For the PAthetiC-12

Again if you missed it - we are taking on Minnesota as a no. 6 seed and being shipped to Austin, Texas (not a bad place)

After looking at the bracket it appears that the tournament committee has no respect for the PAthetiC-12. No team got a higher seed than 6 and Oregon barely got a 12 seed in the Midwest (although they get to play in San Jose). They must really hate Ben Howland too and this must be a big conspiracy to talk down Howland's amazing underachievement this season.

Other notes of interest for UCLA fans:

  • Pittsburgh is taking on Wichita State as an 8 seed.
  • Butler is taking on Bucknell Bisons in the East as a 6 seed.
  • VCU is taking on Akron as a 5 seed.
  • Arizona is a no. 6 seed v. Belmont but as mentioned in earlier thread - somehow they get to be out West even though they were swept by the Bruins. FAIL.

Here is a copy of the full bracket. Dissect away.