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VIDEO: Ben Howland “Disappointed” with UCLA’s Bracket in the NCAA

Video of Ben Howland’s reactions to Selection Committee’s placement of UCLA in the 2013 NCAA brackets. He is not happy.

Courtesy of Edward Lewis of, here is the video of Ben Howland's reaction after NCAA pairings were announced. If UCLA had put together a complete season with a deep team, optimizing all the talent available in its roster, overwhelming majority of the Bruin Nation would be sympathetic towards Howland.

But it's difficult to feel sorry for a program that put together an underwhelming season, winning a very mediocre conference, before getting exposed by a football school in the conference tournament finale.

It is also amusing to hear Howland talk about UCLA basketball as a "family." One has to wonder if that is how Tony Parker feels or if that's how guys Joshua Smith, Tyler Lamb, Mike Moser and dozens of other UCLA basketball players felt who either ran away or were chased from this program.