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Game Time Announced: UCLA-Minnesota on truTV on Friday Night Around 7 pm PST/10 pm EST

Major ht to 90Bruin who has linked up the game times via Turner Newsroom. It looks like right now our game is going to be last one on Friday night. It will follow the Northwester St. v. Florida game which starts at 7:27 pm EST. Assuming that game ends around 9:27 pm EST and there is a 30 minute break between the game, our tipoff is going to sometime around 10 pm EST/7pm on Friday Night.

Get this. Our game is going to be on truTV. It looks like it comes as part of Comcast's basic digital package. I am assuming that's the same for other providers. Good luck. truTV. Yikes.


UPDATE (N): As noted by KP in the comment threads TruTV is Channel 246 for "Direct TV" people. Also, for those who want to check in on the Gophers may want to check out SBN's Daily Gopher. GO BRUINS.