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Goodbye Ben Howland

And good luck at Pittsburgh.


It has been roughly 14 or so months since Bruins Nation as a whole decided that Ben Howland was no longer worthy of being the caretaker of Coach's program. We have documented his failure to live up to the legacy of Coach and of the greatest program in college basketball in countless posts over those many months and beyond. After yet another ugly blowout loss in the tournament, which has been Ben Howland's NCAA Tournament legacy, it could not be more clear that the decade of Howland is now at an end.

There isn't much point in going over the specifics. The Minnesota Golden Gophers were widely considered the "easiest" upset pick by the general public and by pundits, for some obvious reasons, and UCLA did virtually nothing to prove their detractors wrong. This was easily one of, if not the ugliest game in the first/second round of the tournament. All that is left now is the pick up the pieces, and move quickly to secure the next caretaker of Coach's legacy, whose first order of business will be to keep the talented Jordan Adams, Kyle Anderson, and Tony Parker in the program.

83-63. Minnesota over UCLA in the Round of 64. That is how the Howland era ends. This program is bigger than the coach, which is something many of our detractors don't understand, and with the right coach and the right AD, I have no doubt that we can take our rightful place among the elite once again.

I turn it over to you to vent, reflect, console each other, and heal. We will be back.