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UCLA Denies Howland Firing News, Marques Johnson Wants to See Howland-Coached Trojans Kick Bruins' “Behind”

Looks like nothing is official yet. The LA Times reports that Howland hasn't spoken to Dan Guerrero personally yet. And then UCLA just released this statement:

As someone responded to that tweet - why release this idiotic statement if you are going to fire him shortly?

In less than 24 hours we are seeing early signs of a cluster you know what. This is shaping up to be a classic Dan Guerrero deal. News leaking out from multiple sources while the Bruin community remains in a state of confusion. Everyone sees the writing on the wall and knows what is going to happen. Leave it to Guerrero and his clueless staff to screw up timing. Guessing they will come out with an awkward press release sooner or later and then put together an incoherent press conference.

Speaking of incoherent, in case you have not seen the video you should check it out. Marques Johnson, completely ignoring the big picture and reality re. the dismal state of UCLA basketball program blasts UCLA for letting go of Howland. What is even more shocking is that Johnson openly wishes that Howland goes over to Southern Cal so that he gets the chance to "kick the Bruins behind" as the head coach of the Trogans. Just WATCH:

Really, there is not much else to be said. With those comments Johnson becomes the Henry Bibby 2.0 - a turncoat, who should never get a chance to call himself a Bruin again.

Fire away with news, updates etc or whatever else is on mind re. the firing of Howland (it is going to happen whether UCLA pathetically tries to deny it or not at this point) in this thread.