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More Howland Firing Reactions Coming In and Howland Press Conference

ESPN's First Take on "Whether Howland Deserved To Be Fired":

Quick summary. Skip Bayless: Yes. Stephen A. Smith: Yes.

Sure, the sources are reasons for concern, but their logic is solid on this issue if you watch the video.

It's nothing really new to people who have been paying attention here on BN, but the following is from Smith discussing our ridiculous transfer rate:

What you can't tolerate, is one year after another after another, you're in the headlines because kids are saying "I no longer want to play for your program". That's worse than losing. That's worse than losing in some respects.

Bryan Fischer on the Pac-12's blog gets in on the action as well regarding the coaching search:

UCLA will land a good coach, as it is an elite college basketball job. There are only a handful of those out there and with the history, facilities and good recruiting in Los Angeles. It shouldn’t be too hard for Guerrero to find somebody.

Shouldn't, but this is Chianti Dan we're talking about.

Ben Howland's final press conference is slated for 1 PM. Help us out if you can and link us up in the comments if you know where it's being streamed.