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Indiana has the integrity to shun Adidas uniforms. Why not U.C.L.A.?

Here's a quick compare/contrast of two storied basketball programs...

National titles: U.C.L.A. 11, Indiana: 5

  • Win: U.C.L.A.

Legendary coach: U.C.L.A.: John Wooden, Indiana: Bob Knight

  • Win: U.C.L.A. (Knight throws chair in disgust)

Wearing horrid Adidas alternate unis: U.C.L.A.: yes, Indiana: NOT

  • Win: Indiana.

The Hoosiers certainly have their share of college basketball history and tradition, but you wouldn't think it would stack up to that of the Bruins. Well, in this instance, they not only stack up, but they go flying right past. While Dan Guerrero rolls over and puts on whatever crap Adidas puts out, Indiana University has the integrity to say no to a design that is an insult to a proud legacy, let alone anyone with fashion sense.

From Rachel Bachman at the Wall Street Journal (emphasis is mine):

Notably absent from the Three Stripes' latest fashion lineup: Indiana. The No. 1 Hoosiers are an Adidas-wearing team, and a storied one at that. But that's precisely why Indiana won't be seen any time soon in the new get-ups. "We wouldn't consider a change," an IU spokesman said by email. Instead, the Hoosiers will stick with their traditional, understated uniforms-which include red-and-white candy-striped warm-up pants.

Indiana is an Adidas school, but they won't wear it. Not as an alternate uniform for a game. Not for just one game in the conference tourney. Just, not. Props to Hoosiers AD Fred Glass for protecting those hallowed candy cane uniforms.

By the way, note where Indiana is ranked this year. Coincidence? Doubt it.

Leadership, integrity, and success go together. Coach knew that. If only Dan Guerrero knew that.