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BN's Message is Catching On Nationally

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In case you ever feel like you're just pissing words into the windy vastness of the internet..., the website for the Indianpolis Star newspaper picked up on our latest uniform grumblings with this headline in their news section:

IU takes stand against hideous new uniforms; applauds.

The article by Cory Faklaris rubs in what we already know. The Adidas alternate uniforms, described by Faklaris as "retina-burning" and "costumes inspired by the look of Fruit Stripe gum" are ugly as hell, but at least Indiana isn't going to take it. The article then links to and quotes extensively from our recent BN post lauding Indiana for having the integrity to protect their image and stay true to their historic roots. That sentiment was overwhelmingly supported by the comments following that article which echoed pride in Indiana's loyalty to tradition, with one exception coming from someone who was (allegedly) a trolling Purdue fan. I guess there's one in every crowd, right?

The Fruit Stripe theme then found its way over to the popular website In their news-ticker section, a reader commented, "UCLA is set to roll out a white version of its Fruit Stripe uni" and this linked back to a recent BN article by Nestor. The comment also prompted a link to a N.Y.T. article noting a revival in Zubaz clothing, so there is proof that someone is happy about these fashion atrocities after all. As I said, there's one in every crowd.

It's good to see our message getting out there. Plenty of people are listening, including both traditional and new media alike. Keep it going, Bruins, and maybe Dan Guerrero will finally get the message, too.