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Bruin Bites: Shabazz Muhammad to Minnesota, Jrue Holiday to New Orleans & Malcom Lee Returns to California

News and notes from 2013 NBA Draft concerning UCLA players including updates on Shabazz Muhammad, Jrue Holiday and Malcolm Lee.

Malcolm Lee is headed back to the Best Coast.
Malcolm Lee is headed back to the Best Coast.
J. Meric

The NBA held its draft tonight (well earlier last night since it's already early am in the East Coast). Tydides shared his notes earlier about UCLA's standing in the NBA as one of the main powerhouse suppliers of talent. We are high up there. But it's hard to get all that excited about it these days.

Ever since the one-and-done rule came into play I have lost my interest in the NBA (and it's waning in college hoops every year). With a Big-10 reject taking over our basketball program as the head coach not sure how much fun UCLA basketball is going to be in upcoming years. But, since we are here let's go through the motions and take note of UCLA related developments in the draft last night:

  • The most amazing basketball player ever to put on a UCLA uniform - the guy who was going to save Ben Howland's job by leading our program to the Final-4, making everyone forget how the foundation underneath Howland's program was FUBAR - was drafted by Utah and then traded to Minnesota. SBN has the details here. Guess some people want to check in on the Wolves to see how Shabazz Muhammad will blend in with KL. Maybe Muhammad will learn something about being unselfish and being a team player by hanging around KL. Whatever, I certainly won't be checking in re. his NBA development like I often check in with updates re AA, RW, LRMAM et al.
  • And, speaking of unpleasant "one and dones" (but not entirely his fault that it was unpleasant), the 76ers traded Mr. Lauren Cheney to New Orleans BP Oil Soaked (?) Pelicans (WUT? When did they become Pelicans?) for Nerlins Noel, the C from Kentucky who was picked at the no. 6 slot. Seems like an odd trade because I thought Holiday was doing really well in Philly.
  • Holiday's freshman year back-court mate Malcolm Lee (the guy who was a better college defender than Holiday) was also traded as the Wolves sent Lee and their no. 26 pick to the Golden State Warriors for "cash considerations and a second round pick in the 2014 draft." Guess the Wolves have a cap of having only 2 Bruins in their roster. Maybe this will give Lee to jumpstart this NBA career back in California? He may feel at home with the Warriors - a team with a pretty cool color combination in my book.

That's all I got for now. If there were other NBA/UCLA related developments of note, please share them in this thread.