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Kings Home Playoff Winning Streak Comes to an End with Perennial Tourney Loser Alford in the House

Steve Alford, a perennial tourney loser but the highest paid basketball coach in the Pac-12 continues to flail away in his clumsy efforts to make himself fit in at UCLA.

Smiling during a critical playoff game (a "back breaking loss") for the LA Kings.
Smiling during a critical playoff game (a "back breaking loss") for the LA Kings.

It has been what - 69 days since Dan Chianti Guerrero hired Steve Alford, making him the highest paid basketball coach in the entire Pac-12 conference (!). Since then Alford humiliated himself and UCLA in his introductory presser, made his boss look like a complete moron in the national media (it's hard work!), secured a commitment from his son (a PARADE ALL AMERICAN everybody!), and a got a role player from Texas Tech with serious academic baggage.

I didn't mention how he didn't even get a cup of coffee from Aaron Gordon (the little brother of former UCLA head case Drew Gordon who was exiled in Alford's past program in the state of Siberia), lost out to Steve Lavin (lol) for a point guard (who was waiting to see who UCLA hired to replace Ben Howland), and kind of sort of ran off a previous commit to Baylor.

In comparison remember Howland at least got a commitment from Arron Afflalo in 11 days of his hire at UCLA and then secured a commitment from Jordan Farmer by end of May. But let's not be hard on Steve. He is working really hard folks. He is working it on Twitter now. He is showing up at Kings playoffs games (HT Nestor in today's Bruin Bites):

Unfortunately for the Kings Alford's presence didn't work out so well. Poor Kings. They hadn't lost a playoff game at home all season (8-1). That all changed when Alford showed up in the house with his 5-7 tourney record (3-7 in the NIT), O Final-4s, 0 Elite 8s, and 1 Sweet-16 in a coaching career that now spans for over 20 years.

Not good for the Kings, but all good for the Chianti's athletic department, which likes to push out internet golf claps to celebrate first round humiliations in the Big Dance.

Go Bruins!!!