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ESPN: UCLA’s Steve Alford is “Fatigued and Irritated” by Recruiting

Per ESPN Steve Alford is whining about having to work hard on the recruiting trail (while he has nothing to show for his “efforts” to date).

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This is pretty epic:

UCLA coach Steve Alford is one of many coaches fatigued and irritated by the July recruiting calendar. The three four-plus days on the road and the location of the tournaments have caused coaches -- and players, as well as their families -- to traverse the country multiple times, especially for those located on the West Coast. Alford's schedule in Week 1 was Indianapolis, North Augusta, S.C., and then Los Angeles. His second weekend was back to the East Coast to Washington D.C., then Milwaukee, Dallas and back to Los Angeles. He started this week in Orlando on Wednesday and will end in Las Vegas and then Los Angeles. Alford said he'd like to see two seven-day periods with one break in the middle. He is not alone.

Yes, we get it that Alford is not "alone." But it is pretty pathetic for an absurdly paid coach who has never won anything meaningful at a high level as a head coach to whine about recruiting just months into this job. It is also comedic for him to complain about exhaustion given that he has nothing to show for on the recruiting trail except for a "commitment" from his son and some guy with academic issues from Texas Tech.

Oh and while Alford is not directly quoted in this article, if he was misquoted then UCLA and he should demand a retraction. I am not going to hold my breath.